MAFIA WIFE: Love, Murder & Madness - Short Film

Mafia Wife - Lynda Milito

Who Is Lynda Milito?

Lynda Milito is Best Selling Author of #1 Mafia Book in the World, 'MAFIA WIFE' which centers around her life of 'Love, Murder and Madness' while married to Louie Milito, a Capo in the Gambino crime family. Louie is known for being a prominent member of the New York Mafia and for his gangland disappearance at the hands of his best friend, notorious mobster Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano.

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Mafia Wife News & Happenings

December 18, 2014

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December 18, 2014

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December 4, 2014

On The Way Up

What people need to understand is The  Mafia is  run  like  a  working  wheel,  Like  the  ARMY  .  Honor the ones above you is what  they […]

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